• Building Game from the Stone Age

    Undergrowth, wild animals, mysterious places – in the browser game Stonies you timetravel back into the Stone Age. Experience an extraordinary building game. Send the men and women of your tribe out to gather valuable resources. These include food, of course. Supply your Stonies with hand-picked mushrooms and berries; at the beginning of the game, your Stonies won't have the ability to preserve their food. This is something they'll learn later on. The further you progress through the Stone Age with your Stonies, the more skilled they will become. Teach them new skills. Help them build huts and cultivate their first fields. Stonies is an exceptional building game that will let you discover the earliest era of human history firsthand. Register at and play for free now. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with the Stonies!
  • Hardworking, Skilled and Ready for Action

    Some are hard workers, while others prefer to nap in the sun. In the building game Stonies, you're responsible for the well-being of a Stone Age tribe. Experience countless adventures with the men and women of your tribe, with numerous building game customization options art your disposal. Send your Stonies out to hunt. Craft useful tools and weapons. Teach them to make fire. Take care of producing cute little Stonie offspring by playing matchmaker for the tribe's men and women. A 3D game with lovingly-detailed graphics, Stonies will let you see the Stone Age in a whole new light. The further you progress, the more features you'll be able to use. Influence the development of individual tribesmen, help them find their strengths and give them things to do. Provide them with food and begin cultivating the land. Drive the evolution of your Stonies and experience this novel building game!
  • Weapons, Woods, and Wild Things

    They're still at the very beginning of their journey. But you're there to help them. Slip into the role of a fearless leader and benevolent god in this Stone Age building game, and take care of your little tribe. Lead the men, women and children through various eras. Teach them how to make fire, show them the finer points of weapon craftsmanship and train them in all things hunting. Stonies provides a unique look at a captivating period in human history and gives you plenty of fun things to do. Establish your own settlement, till the land and cultivate crops. Colorful and fun, Stonies is more than your run-of-the-mill building game, with visually appealing graphics, simple game controls and regular updates with new content providing long-lasting fun. Try out this special browser game now and start exploring the Stone Age in your browser.
  • Stonies – Discover the Beginnings

    In Stonies, you can utilize the members of your tribe in a multitude of ways. Let them fell trees and process wood. Send them to collect berries. Provide them with food and secure the survival of your Stonies in this captivating building game. Countless challenges and tasks await you. Prove your skill as a leader, and challenge the men, women and children and encourage them to grow. Expand their horizons, introduce them to religion, send them out to hunt, and show them how to work the land for agriculture. More and more opportunities open up as you progress through Stonies. The building game can be played on any computer with a working internet connection. No download necessary. Simply register at and journey back into the Stone Age!
  • How Life Was in the Stone Age

    It's seen as the earliest era in human history. The browser game Stonies gives you a rare glimpse of the life in these exciting times. The game tells the story of a small Stone Age tribe – as a player, you slip into the role of their god and leader. Your role ranges from that of an observer to that of a creator. Your goal: Secure the survival of the men, women and children in your tribe. Use the skills at your disposal to hunt, collect mushrooms and berries, and gather valuable resources to supply your tribe with food and materials. A building game at heart, Stonies allows you to create and customize. Build huts for your people, cultivate crops in the fields, and ensure the future of your tribe with offspring. Have men and women fall in love and move into empty huts to found families. Let yourself be enchanted by the Stonies and experience the charming Stone Age game.
  • The Age of the Stonies Has Begun

    Impressive and fun in one, Stonies lets you slip into the role of the god and leader of a prehistoric tribe. Numerous captivating tasks and challenges await you. Previously only available as an app, the building game is now finally available for play in your browser. Discover the potential of the Stone Age. Cultivate fields, hunt, father, love and shape the history of humanity – all while having a blast. The Stonies are waiting for you. Register free at and accept your destiny as a Stone Age chieftain!

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