• Stonies – The Stone Age Life Simulation

    Prepare for a wonderful adventure: a journey back into the Stone Age. Lead a Stone Age tribe as a benevolent deity and accompany your tribe through the earliest segment of human history. Discover the brilliant life simulation Stonies, an entertaining browser game in which you teach the mean and women of your Stone Age community various skills for survival. Keep an eye out for idle Stonies, so you can keep them busy with important tasks. Send them to collect berries, supply them with food, show them how to make fire and let them go hunting. Over the course of this fascinating life simulation, your Stonies will develop more and more. They will learn how to kill reindeer, fashion tools and craft weapons. They will catch fish, build huts, pray at their site of worship and venture into agriculture. Discover the amazing Stone Age life simulation Stonies and the multitude of customization options it provides. Go back to the Stone Age!
  • Explore the Beginning of Humankind with the Stonies

    Enjoy the raw beauty of nature. Dive into the extraordinary life simulation Stonies. In this unique browser game, you lead a small tribe of cavemen through the Stone Age. Secure their survival and oversee all aspects of everyday Stone Age life. Encourage the men and women of your tribe to develop skills, so that they can evolve from simple mushroom and berry collectors into skilled hunters. Teach them how to make weapons ad how to use them, show them how to butcher animals and use the materials they get from that to make various tools and utensils and foster a community. Play matchmaker and make your Stonies fall in love with each other, securing the future of your tribe. Stonies is a visually impressive life simulation with a lovable cartoon look. After its success as an app, Stonies is now finally available as a browser game too! Register for free at and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!
  • Mushrooms, Berries, Wild Animals

    It's time! You are now in charge of a wild gang of cavemen. Introduce your men and women to the fundamentals of culture and civilization. Encourage their progress from simple mushroom- and berry-pickers to skilled hunters and settled farmers. Show them how to make fire, craft weapons, hunt and process various animals. Stonies explores countless fascinating facets in a unique new take on a life simulation. Slip into the role of a guide and leader and get started now. A game packed to the brim with fun features and unique customization options, Stonies will allow you to promote your charges personal growth and challenge them with exciting tasks. Meet several generations of Stonies as you accompany your tribe through notable eras of history. As an app, Stonies captivated players everywhere. Now the life simulation can finally be played as a browser game too! Go on a journey to the beginnings of human history and play now!
  • Here Come the Stonies!

    They're still caught in the first chapter of the story of their history. But you're about the change that in the Stonies browser game, as you teach your Stone Age tribe valuable skills and show them important aspects of life and survival. Send them to collect berries, make sure they have the food they need, teach them to cultivate their fields and send them out on the hunt. A life simulation like you've never seen before, Stonies has countless things to build and discover. Religious ritual sites, fascinating caves and thrilling hunts provide long-lasting fun. Explore the world of the Stone Age, conquer countless challenges and complete exciting missions with your Stonies. Encourage their evolution through various eras. Found small Stonie families by making men in women fall in love – it won't be long before the first offspring appears. The Stonies babies will quickly become children and teens that can contribute their part of the tribe. Meet the Stonies and explore the extraordinary life simulation today!
  • Stonies – Now for your Browser

    One powerful, well-aimed throw is all it takes! The rabbit is hit and collapses. It's cause for celebration – today there will be roast rabbit for all! In the Stone Age life simulation, you're the benevolent and helpful deity to a tribe of Stonies, and it's your job to ensure their survival. There are numerous tasks involved in the process. Travel back in time and discover them in this game in this unique game setting. Determine the fate of your men and women. Send them to collect resources and food such as nuts, berries and mushrooms. Let them work with fibers, wood and leather. Equip your Stonies with weapons and send them out on the hunt. Countless tasks and challenges await you in this exceptional 3D game. Play the life simulation on your PC now!
  • Research the Stone Age

    Stonies is a Stone Age life simulation that will guarantee long-lasting fun. Explore the lovingly-detailed 3D environment and hunt rabbits, boars and reindeer. Unlock more and more new features and enjoy regular updates and special events. Experience the Stone Age in your browser!

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