• The Fun Caveman Game

    They live in caves, but you want them to move. As the benevolent leader of a Stone Age tribe, you take care of the lives of your men and women. Dive into the prehistoric world of the Stonies, and discover the countless features of this special caveman game. Accompany your Stonies through the wilderness, overcome obstacles, face off against dangers, and expand your Stonies' skill sets. Teach them to make fire and build huts, to pray at religious sites, and to get food through gathering and hunting. Crafting special tools and weapons will unlock new opportunities. Experience unique seasonal events and regular updates that bring you new features and optimizations. Set in the earliest age of human history, this fascinating caveman game sets itself with intuitive controls and a wonderfully fun game concept. Let's go! Create your free account at and journey back to the Stone Age!
  • Harvests, Hunts and Huts in the Stonie Age

    You did it! Your Stonies have moved into their brand-new huts. They've passed their first challenge on the path of human history with flying colors. In the Stonies browser game, you guide the actions of your own Stone Age tribe. At the beginning of the caveman game, your Stonies can't do all that much. But they're willing to learn. You can teach them how to make fire, craft weapons, hunt, and cook the meat on a spit over the campfire. Of course, you can also show them into the future with agriculture, so that they don't just have to rely on what the wilderness has to spare, but can grow their own crops. The caveman game is full of such strategies and opportunities to advance. The cartoon-style 3D graphics invite you into a humorous and lovingly-detailed game setting. Prove your skill in the Stone Age and play now. Stonies can be played right in your browser, without any download or installation.
  • Discover the Beginnings of Human History

    This game will take you back to the earliest era of human history. In a time, when people had to fight for their daily survival. Meet the Stonies. Your charges in this Stone Age game start off without much in the way of skills and knowledge. Your goal is to secure the future of your tribe. Teach the men, women and children new skills. While they start of picking berries and mushrooms, you'll soon be able to help them make weapons, which in turn will allow them to hunt various animals, from little rabbits to fearsome bears. Show your Stonies how to build huts and tend to their fields, introduce them to fishing and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of this extraordinary caveman game. The Stone Age is just a few mouse clicks away! Register for free at and play now!
  • Great Adventures with the Stonies

    There are plenty of exciting episodes in the lives of the Stonies. Let yourself be whisked back into the Stone Age and experience their adventurous world. Create a free account on, add the game to your account and start back at the very beginnings of humankind. The caveman game Stonies has many facets of Stone Age life to explore – from providing food for your tribe by collecting nuts, berries and mushrooms, or hunting wild animals, all the way to the birth of cute Stone Age babies. Play the matchmaker for the men and women of your tribe to create families. Experience the wonderful caveman game and explore the colorful 3D cartoon world of Stonies. Previously available as an app, we're pleased to introduce the browser game version. Try it out and play for free now!
  • Hunting, Gathering and Becoming Settled

    The Stonies allow you to explore times long past, go on adventures and put your skill and strategic test to the test. Browser games provide a very special sort of entertainment, and the caveman game Stonies exemplifies this by letting you lead a small Stone Age tribe. Your men, women and children do everything cavemen do – sit around campfires, collect berries, and enjoy the sunshine. Over the course of the game, you'll help your Stonies develop special skills. They will learn to make weapons, go hunting, cultivate fields, catch fish and even how to make huts and settle. Your primary goal: Ensure the survival of your prehistoric kin! Lead your Stonies from a simple caveman game existence to ever higher evolutionary levels towards civilization. Introduce them to religion, master gripping tasks and rise to the challenge of this novel and captivating game. Experience the Stone Age in your browser!
  • The Colorful Caveman Game

    The entertaining caveman game Stonies has many such captivating aspects. Aside from hunting, there are also more peaceful activities, such as agriculture, food gathering, religious rites and securing the future of the tribe in the warm comfort of the huts. Explore the rich world of the Stonies! Check out the browser game now and play for free!

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